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Jay de Rosales — Founder & CEO.

Our Story

I am Jay. I am the founder of KIDZCORP that teaches kids basic principles of business and how to start their own. I am also a Sunday School teacher for 8 years now and I am also running few of my businesses.

In my years in teaching kids, I realized that many of them are not exposed to business which I believe is an important key in their future if we want them to be financially successful.

I myself started my own business venture when I was 8 years old.

I can still remember very clearly my first experience of selling ice cream on stick when I was a kid as if it was just yesterday.

That first day, I earned my very precious Php 40 (almost $1).

It was that experience, though it was tiring, marked my most unforgettable experience.
Unaware of it, it was the experience that opened my mind to the possibilities of making money.

A different way compared to my parents.

That time, my father was a tricycle driver and my mom a housewife.

I continued my venture in business by selling candies in school competing against my teacher who reprimanded me to do so. But that did not stop me.

I sold toys, candies, biscuits, paper, pencil and a lot more. In elementary, in high school, in college and even as I was working as a Mechanical Engineer in a Japanese Company.

In 2015, at the age of 24, I resigned from my Engineering job to start my own company.
I never regret it since then.

It all started that day when I took a step into my first ever business venture, selling ice cream on stick.

All along I thought I was alone doing this as a kid. Until I realized that most of the successful businessmen and women, here and abroad started their journey between 6 to 12 years old.

With the right guidance and technology, YOUR kids TODAY can become great entrepreneurs of TOMORROW.

With KIDZCORP, we aim to raise a new generation of young entrepreneurs and there is no better time to do it than starting at the very young age. Our modules are created specifically for kids with exciting physical activities (by British Celebrity Kids Entertainer, Amanda Frolich of Amanda's Action Club), interactive business lessons, enjoyable quizzes and other fun activities like trivias and puzzles.

What Our Parents Have to Say

Really useful! It taught me to utilize everything to teach my kid to be responsible in handling money while enjoying the things they love. As early as now, they can learn to be entrepreneurs and help others.
Jesusa Lagasi
Makati, Philippines
Learned to intentionally influence them. Kasi it's really for them din for their future.
Cathy Masi
QC, Phlippines
I hope parents do take action to lead their kids along this path.
Fannie Guanzon
Mandaluyong, Philippines
Thank you so much for new learning. For giving us idea on how to instill the value of financial literacy by being an entrepreneur as early as now.
Vivian Mayames
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